В Турции главным документом, фиксирующим факт принадлежности недвижимости конкретному лицу, выступает ТАПУ – свидетельство, удостоверяющее право собственности. Оно выдается уполномоченной государственной службой – Кадастровым управлением – как местным гражданам, так и иностранцам, покупающим жилье или другие объекты на территории Турции. В ТАПУ указываются личные данные (включая фото) владельца имущества, а также максимум информации о недвижимости. Собственником может выступать 1 или несколько человек (не более 10), а также юридическое лицо. Документ не имеет огIn Turkey, the main document that fixes the fact that real estate belongs to a particular person is TAPU – a certificate of ownership. It is issued by the authorized civil service – the Cadastral Office – to both local citizens and foreigners buying housing or other objects in Turkey. The TAPU contains personal data (including photos) of the owner of the property, as well as a maximum of information about the property. The owner can be 1 or several people (no more than 10), as well as a legal entity. The document has no expiration date, fixes the absolute right of ownership and cannot be challenged even in court.

Submitting documents is required to the subdivision of the Cadastral Office at the location of the property. In order for them to be accepted, confirmation of the fact of the transfer of ownership will be required (documents signed during the sale and purchase transaction). The standard procedure for issuing TAPU takes from 1 to 5 working days from the date of submission of documents for registration. In addition to the issuance of the document, the employees of the state authority will enter the name of the new owner into the cadastral book.
The owner of the TAPU can use the certificate as a basis for obtaining a residence permit and, subsequently, for obtaining Turkish citizenship within the framework of a simplified procedure.

Наши услуги

ASTORIA HOMES – one of the leading real estate agencies in Turkey – provides its clients with comprehensive assistance both in the purchase of housing and in the preparation of documents confirming the ownership. Our professionals carry out:

  • preparation of client documents for submission to the Cadastral Office;
  • payment of state duties and taxes obligatory upon registration of TAPU;
  • Engaging a juror with the necessary way to legitimize the procedure;
  • submission of documents and receipt of TAPU on behalf of the client (according to a notarized power of attorney drawn up in advance);
  • restoration of lost certificates as soon as possible.

Cooperation with us during the purchase of an apartment or house in Turkey is a guarantee of minimizing risks, as well as prompt execution of all the necessary documents for owning real estate.