Anyone can buy a home on a mortgage in Turkey, including a foreigner. In such a transaction, the real estate acts as a collateral: the buyer becomes its official owner after the paperwork is completed, however, an encumbrance in the form of a loan is assigned to the object. When the loan is fully repaid, the encumbrance will be automatically removed.

Acquisition of property on credit allows you to acquire your own house or apartment even in the absence of the required amount of funds. As a rule, independent study of home loan programs operating in the country is somewhat difficult due to the language barrier, however, if you turn to experienced professionals for the real estate market for help, you can easily get a mortgage in Turkey as soon as possible.

Employees of the licensed agency ASTORIA HOMES are ready to find loan programs for the client with:

  • the optimal size of the entry fee;
  • convenient payment option (type of currency, method of depositing money);
  • suitable lending terms;
  • acceptable interest rate.
  • You can buy on credit objects of both the primary (new buildings) and the secondary real estate market. Even housing at the excavation stage (and up to 80% readiness) can be purchased under a mortgage.

How to get a loan for the purchase of Turkish housing

ASTORIA HOMES provides services for finding housing in Turkey for foreign buyers, and also helps with obtaining a loan or installment plan. We undertake:

  • selection of real estate and reliable creditor banks;
  • search for optimal lending programs (according to the criteria specified by the client);
  • assistance in collecting and submitting documents for a mortgage loan.

We try to select the best options for buying a home from all possible options for the buyer. For example, in our practice, there were many transactions executed in installments without overpayment. A number of Turkish developers have a similar option when purchasing apartments in buildings under construction. Payment for housing by installments can be made out both for several months and for 2-3 years. The timing depends on the class of the object and the policy of the construction company that sells it.

Mortgages and installments for real estate in Turkey are an opportunity to buy housing of any class and level of comfort. Including one that does not fit into the buyer’s current budget.