To successfully conclude a transaction on the purchase of real estate in Turkey, you will need to complete a number of preparatory measures:

  • study in detail the legislation of the country;
  • choose a suitable option for residential or non-residential premises;
  • collect all the necessary documents for the purchase;
  • negotiate with the seller.

At the same time, without knowing the nuances of each of these points, the transaction will constantly be in jeopardy. There is a risk that instead of owning a house or apartment in Turkey, the buyer will only get a lot of stress and financial problems. This outcome can be avoided by timely seeking help from ASTORIA HOMES specialists.

Our advantages

The staff of our company are highly qualified specialists in the sale of residential and commercial properties. By using our services, each customer can count on:

  • gaining access to a huge database of real estate in different regions of Turkey;
  • qualified advice on all issues related to the purchase of housing;
  • full-fledged virtual tours of real estate, indistinguishable from a personal visit of the buyer;
  • full support of the transaction from the moment of preparing the event to the transfer of the keys to the new owner.

Due to our knowledge of local legislation and significant experience in this area, we are ready to help residents of the CIS and other countries to buy property in Turkey inexpensively and quickly, in compliance with all the requirements established by the state. We work with primary and secondary real estate, we even take on complex transactions.

Algorithm for buying a home in Turkey

Property selection
When planning to acquire an apartment, hotel, house or commercial space in Turkey, you must first consider the options available for sale. We are ready to provide the client with real estate of various classes and budgets, including new buildings (sold directly from developers), luxury housing, as well as objects in need of emergency sale. The selection of housing is possible in accordance with the criteria set by the buyer.

Study tour
Inspection of current offers is allowed to be carried out both online and in the format of a personal visit. Regardless of the algorithm chosen by the client, we are ready to create all the conditions for receiving transparent and honest information about real estate, conduct full-fledged online and offline tours in order to study the property, find the advantages and disadvantages of the object. For those who fly to Turkey to buy a home, we provide transport services, help with accommodation in the country, and provide other assistance we can.

Conclusion of a contract
The procedure for concluding a purchase and sale contract is the central event of the transaction. This document sets out the basic conditions for the transfer of real estate to the ownership of the new owner. To sign the contract, you must take with you a passport and a “deposit” (an advance payment of 10% of the total amount). The parties will sign a conclusion with each other indicating the characteristics of the sold object, as well as the data of the seller and the buyer. The role of our experts at this stage is to comprehensively check the property for documents, encumbrances, fines, etc.

Payment for real estate
When the contract is signed, the future owner must transfer money to the seller’s account in the agreed amount. Depending on the payment format chosen by the parties, it can be either a one-time transfer or an installment plan – several payments. The money can be given to the seller in any convenient way: both in cash and by bank transfer.

Getting TAPU
As a result of the successful purchase of real estate, the buyer is provided with an official document – “tapu”. This is a certificate indicating the name of the new owner, the presence of which gives a foreigner the right to obtain a residence permit and other benefits in Turkey. The client can pick up the tapa either personally or by entrusting this event to our lawyers (you will need to issue a power of attorney).