The legislation of the Republic of Turkey provides for the possibility of foreign residents to obtain citizenship in exchange for their contribution to the country’s economy. This is a relatively new option that allows you to get a Turkish passport with minimal time costs.

The ways of investing can be different, depending on the financial opportunities and ambitions of the applicant: starting a business, sponsoring Turkish enterprises, investment funds, buying government bonds, as well as making real estate in the country. The easiest method is to buy a house, apartment, hotel or other real estate in any region of Turkey for the sum of 1 million dollars, after which the state will automatically grant the right to obtain citizenship to such a person.

Key advantages of Turkish citizenship for investors

Becoming the owner of a Turkish passport is profitable for several reasons:

  • Citizenship can be obtained not only by the owner of the house, but also by his family;
  • Turkey supports dual citizenship;
  • Turkish citizenship is inherited by the next generation;
  • With a Turkish passport you can enter without a visa or by simplified procedure in more than 100 countries.

To become a full resident of Turkey for investments it is not necessary to reside permanently in the country, to know the language, to provide documents on income. It is enough only to confirm the ownership of property within the country. Investing in order to gain a foothold in Turkey is not a risky procedure and in the vast majority of cases ends with the successful acquisition of a new status, obtaining all the necessary documents.

Y will help you become a resident of Turkey!

Licensed real estate agency Astoria Homes has a large base of properties from leading Turkish developers. We are ready to help residents of CIS countries and other countries:

  • to find the real estate of your dreams, which will be regarded by the state as sufficient investment to grant a residence permit;
  • Collect the entire package of documents for citizenship application;
  • prepare for a visit to the Turkish authorities.

Our experts will put all their knowledge and experience at the disposal of the client and will do everything in their power to a positive result on the application for citizenship for investments.